• Separation Principle
    Final Testament

    Separation from the source

    Only through me, you will come to the father. Splits of the original soul and twin flames explained. […]
  • Nash Equilibrium is Two Commandments
    Final Testament

    Two Commandments and Prof.Nash

    Prof. Nash has mathematically proved that what I was preaching two thousand years ago. The two commandments that really matter. […]
  • Connect Or Dinosaur
    Final Testament

    Connect or Dinosaur

    All creation in the universe depends on the connection I had two thousand years ago. If I don’t connect, the human experiment will be canceled. […]
  • Incarnation is a thing. Imagine that
    Final Testament

    Reincarnation is a thing

    Imagine that. So the concept of screw it here, and you screwed forever can be definitely now be screwed. My dear colegue the Dalai Lama and I are prove of that.