Human experiment and the prime directive

The human experiment

This whole universe is an experiment where the prime creator explores himself through the extensions of life. Souls – splits of himself – are sent on missions to explore the time and space continuum on his behalf and, at the same time, advance themselves to higher levels of consciousness. 

On the other side of the experiment. The command center, or as you call it, heaven. A team meeting at a higher level was held, and a need for a living library was brought to the table. A team meeting of higher souls was called to collaborate. 

Earth. Laying on the fringes of intergalactic pathways was chosen as suitable. We had a demand that resulted in purpose, and we had a place. Various designs have been debated, and constructions were selected to meet this demand. This selection and plan were communicated from heaven to this universe to the ancient races, who are master geneticists. Those races you can see in your Sumerian tablets and pyramids then visited earth and donated their genome to create flora and fauna in complete unity and complex ecosystems. Based upon the plan, all was set so that the various construction get their shot at existence—for example, the Dinosaurs. And because time is the spice of creation. Enough spice was given.

Unfortunately, the design of a Saurian race was not able to host a soul of higher purpose due to its inability to let go of its animalistic, primal instincts. And the time came to wipe the table clean and make room for the second in line. HUMANITY. 

Humanity is an experiment, just like about almost everything in the universe. The purpose of the Human race is the exchange of information through a multitude of senses with multitudes of other living beings. Take your Pets, for example. A Dog feels through smell, for example, whenever you are sad or happy before you even enter the door of your home. Dogs are essentially like USB Keys and energy power banks. They need love and give love unconditionally. It’s not just them. It’s in all living beings. 

Humanity is one of the most complex and most powerful creations in the universe. We are the most powerful emotional generators in the universe by combining multiple senses in one being, such as smell, sound, etc…

If you knew the power, you have. You would never pick up a weapon against a fellow brother or sister. 

Trust me when I tell you. The universe is desperately waiting for the human race to restore the connection I had two thousand years ago and fulfill its purpose. Where do you think I went after my resurrection? Why didn’t I stay? Because it was time for phase 2 trials of the human experiment

If the same connection that I had two thousand years ago won’t be reached, there will be no one that will prevent the next asteroid from fulfilling heaven’s plan to give the next creation in line a shot at becoming the living library on earth. 

That is our mission. Mine and my man. We are like two particles in the earth’s life collider. And when the kiss of destiny happens at salvation. Then it is my hope and belief that the theories you are reading here on my website become the ultimate proof. 

Here is the bottom line: Is there intelligent life in the universe. Of course, there is. They just follow the prime directive, you know, from the popular TV-series and movies, Star Trek. Just that in the series, the ability to move faster than light is the entry ticket to the galaxy. In my beliefs, it’s the warped consciousness. The enlightened mind. The connected human being. Think of it this way. Different civilizations have different ways of communicating, acting, and behaving in different worlds. If you are from New Zealand. 20 years old. And you want to travel to China. Can you imagine doing this without your cellphone connected to the internet and using all the apps like GoogleMaps and translator? So you see. Warp drive is not a bad idea. Warp-consciousness is significantly better because you will know where and into what you are warping in. Let’s hope for successful salvation. In the meantime. Could you please clean up the planet and not kill your selves. That would be much appreciated. Thank you. – Jesus

Please don’t forget. This is my belief. A theory of mine based on the power of emotions, my visions, observations, and my deduction from the notes my disciples and I left two thousand years ago that I will try to prove with my man through the kiss of destiny on salvation. Tune into my podcast and join the conversation if you have any questions.