#NOWISTHETIME for you to choose

My dear colleague – the Dalai Lama once said: “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.” My dear friend, allow me to be added to the list dreamers.  For only dreamers have visions.

I proudly admit that I am a dreamer myself. But I also have to honestly admit that this booklet and all I have to say until the moment of my enlightenment is just a dream. Just a vision. Just a story. A grand theory that is begging for the ultimate proof. But nonetheless, let me ask you, dear reader: Why not?

Why not dream about humanity that doesn’t consume the planet it lives on, but rather lives in harmony with it?

Why not dream about leaders who say “Thank you for your service to humanity” instead of saying “Thank you for your service to your country?” For did our Father give you nationality or did he give you life?

Why not dream about an education for our children that does not kill their creativity in the name of industry but rather promotes it?

Why not dream of a world without refugees fleeing from armed conflicts in a united humanity on a planet without borders? For how will you travel and see the beauty of this world if you are trapped by nationalists who fancy walls instead of bridges?

Why not dream about a time where racism, homophobia, antisemitism and all of those similar and other nonsensical labels disappear and never come back? It is not that hard to truly embrace the concept of a soul. It really isn’t now that I am back.

Why not dream of an economy that works for humanity not for the sake of profit and greed?

If you dream at least one of these dreams like I do, then you are worthy of Salvation and I invite you to it. Let us for one moment in the history of the human race dance, sing and dream together so that we may wake up and take our rightful place among the stars. 

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and let me know what issue is close to your heart

Thank you and God bless you.
Yours *JJ

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