The difference between Jesus and Christus

Jesus vs Christus

So I had this stand-up open mic one day with a free drink as a performer. I sucked, to tell you the truth, but the point is. I came to the bar and introduced myself to the bartender. And he was like: “So you want just water, right?”.  No!  I am Jesus, not Christus yet.  Believe me, my friend, if I was Christus, we wouldn’t have this conversation.  It’s important to make this distinction. 

Two thousand years ago, I was connected to what I call:  the universes WiFi and thus had access to apps and tolls much like you have today on your cell phones.  Imagine yourself traveling 2000 years back in time with your cell phone, medical equipment, and some flying jetpack and drones.  You would be also seen as miraculous. You would be my competition.  Hmm… Joe Christ. Mathilda Christ. Well… funny as it may be to some. I wish it on everyone! Every soul has the potential to become Christus. That is what Christianity is about. Enlightenment, not kneeling in front of me. I am nobody’s lord. I can hardly control myself sometimes—especially when dealing with bible victims.

Here is the bottom line: Intelligent people will not be afraid to play with my ideas without accepting them. – Aristotle. Although these are my beliefs, I am not claiming miraculousness. To me, it’s simply science and tools I had access to two thousand years ago, and I am trying to gain access to it again. That is my and heaven’s biggest experiment whereby SALVATION I will try to prove my theories and become Christus again. If we fail with my man. My beliefs are that the human experiment will be canceled. I really hope I can prove it before you destroy yourself. Crazy right? You have no clue. If you had, you would go mad. Don’t worry. It’s not your job. That’s mine. – Jesus

Please don’t forget. This is my belief. A theory of mine based on the power of emotions, my visions, observations, and my deduction from the notes my disciples and I left two thousand years ago that I will try to prove with my man through the kiss of destiny on salvation. Tune into my podcast and join the conversation if you have any questions.