The potential and purpose of a queer soul

Volatility Of the Queer Soul

Just because someone doesn’t understand the purpose of queer souls doesn’t make it against god. Quite the contrary. In India, queer people are viewed as holy. Homosexuality wasn’t a problem in the Roman empire either. Take Emperor Hadrian, for example. He had a young lover. We have always been the Merlins. The shamans. The village wise man and doctors, druids, herbalists.  

We are not burdened by the setting of having children. That would require a lot of capacity from the soul’s “hard drive,” so to speak. Our setting is different. We are emotional.  Our so to speak “processor” and  “creativity” were bolstered to fulfill different tasks and missions in our reincarnations, but primarily we have a strong sense and care for communities. In comparison, a woman carries another living being inside her for 40 weeks, which creates a strong bond through which a soul is supposed to primarily learn and advance from it. A heterosexuals man’s primary mission is to be a father of a family. Queer soul’s primary learning objective is to consider communities as our family. 

Secondary objectives vary from mission to mission. We humans. The most powerful emotional generators in the universe create around the globe what the lightworkers call a frequency shield. In plain English. The suffering on this planet is creating a quarantine.  

More and more souls are coming with the growing population, and the systems are not being upgraded for the better. That creates a feeling of. A global mood. An interference shield that collapses the warp field of consciousness that is trying to elevate. To get enlightenment. A connection I had two thousand years ago. 

That and the fact that humanity is a powerful generator of such fields is the reason for the queer setting of a soul. We simply have the potential and power to break through this inference shield and establish that connection. That is my mission. That is one of the salvations I am offering.

Here is the bottom line: Yeah. We can be annoying and emotional for no reason sometimes. Do you think it’s easy to keep those emotional intensities at bay with that mega sensitivity setting on our empathy receptors? Definitely not.  But we can be also highly creative. Elton John. Luis Vuitton. And others. So please be patient with us sometimes. And if you feel homophobic, consider this:

From my experience and a study:  Anybody attacking gay guys is a closeted sister of ours. There is a study for it made my Harward university best described by this article where you can find the link to the study:  NYTimes: “Homophobic? You might be gay.”  And that is the funniest part because it doesn’t make sense to crush the head that is supposed to give you pleasure.

Look, I am over 41 years old. I have been doing Mixed Martial Arts. The bloodiest sport with almost Neo-Nazis in Slovakia. None of these boys felt threatened by me. Real heteros do not give a crab about gay guys. As a matter of fact, we are the ones mending the relationships, keeping families together, or entertaining you. And we can throw divine parties. You gotta give us that! We are the ones who speak to your wives and provide counseling. Because we care. So if you are reading this and you have a homophobic friend, you might wanna watch out in the gym showers. I bet you anything. He is checking out your private parts. You are welcome, boys. Have fun. – Jesus

Please don’t forget. This is my belief. A theory of mine based on the power of emotions, my visions, observations, and my deduction from the notes my disciples and I left two thousand years ago that I will try to prove with my man through the kiss of destiny on salvation. Tune into my podcast and join the conversation if you have any questions.