The volatility of a queer soul

Volatility Of the Queer Soul
Volatility Of the Queer Soul

Just because someone doesn’t understand the purpose of queer souls doesn’t make it against god. Quiet the contrary. 

One of the elemental purposes of this universe is prime creators’ desire to exlore himself trough us. His children. 

Im going to continue to use a simily of computer. As I mentioned we are the most powerful emotional / energy generators. Computers if you will. Now just like our computers we populate them with software to suite our needs. A gamer has computer games, software to render graphics and hardware to make it the most best gaming experience. A graphic designer has photoshop. A musical a sound editing software and some great bass boxes. And so on. So is a soul configured on the other side to suit the needs of our father.

A heterosexual soul has a configuration and software needed to reproduce while a queer soul doesnt have that. That doesnt mean we do not come from God.