Chapter I. – Let there be light

Chapter I. - The Light

Two thousand years ago, I was the first and the last light on the earth. But what does it mean to be the light?

Imagine the universe as the body of a teenager. Constantly growing. Feeding upon the light you bring into this dark universe. This universe is dark and we are the ones bringing light into it. Young Einstein said it perfectly: we can not measure cold, we can only measure the absence of warmth. There is no cold, there is just the absence of what God’s hand has not touched yet. And our light is the sustenance of this Universe – this teenager if you will. This expanding, growing universe, before it, like all living things, ends and collapses on itself returning all energies and essences of life back to our father.

Similarly, like each cell in the body of that teenager is connected and knows what to do, through neurons, proteins, blood cells, etc… Or mushrooms and trees are interconnected with flora and fauna. The universe has similar networks. One of them as the lightworkers call it – the Chakra system. Let’s just call it the Universe’s Wifi.

Two thousand years ago, I was able to connect to this network. And the password was and always will be love.

Those who have experienced the magic of real love, will know what I am talking about. It’s that one moment when time loses its meaning and love completely conquers your reality. It’s that one perfect moment in time,  when you meet the one and all fears are gone. Nothing else matters, just the look in his eyes, the smell of his hair. The kiss. 

Two thousand years ago I fell in love with Judas Iscariot and by the will of heaven, I established a connection with the source – creation – universe’s WiFi – and I became the light.

Phase 1 trials of the human experiment can begin. From your perceptive: the ministry of light has begun. 

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