Chapter II. – Ministry of light

Chapter II. - Ministry of Light

Being connected to the universe’s WiFi. Phase 1 of the human experiment can commence. Manipulating and transforming energies and matter on a blue planet designed with enough universal molecules present at all times. Water.

Much like with the internet you have access to a knowledge-base, apps, tools if you will. And if you are connected you are acting out of love. And love does no harm. Therefore I was able to do the miracles as witnessed by those who he had given me. Armed with those tools I started to preach and at the same time commenced with the phase 1 experiments.

Conveying knowledge about the kingdom of heaven to young humanity, I could only use words like Heaven, Angels, and so on. At this evolutionary stage of the human race, it would have made little sense to try to explain nuclear fusion to someone who hunts with arrows. Besides, the implications could have been catastrophic. I also was bound by something similar to the prime directive from the popular sci-fi series StarTrek. And so my ministry was, as it is testified, full of miracles and parables.

Just like the scientists on the International Space Station today. After they have successfully docked in space, they immediately begin the scientific experiments. Exactly after my connection I knew that I had to prepare for the last experiment in phase 1 – re-entry into an existing human shell and phase 3 of the human experiment – re-establishing the connection with the universe in a new human shell.

Reincarnation has one big advantage. A part of your soul that dives into this universe has no memories of past lives. Because they would burden you. They would be in your way to fully live this life and fulfil your mission. Each soul has been given the task by the prime creator: “Go out and create, and bring all things back to me”. That’s why imprisoned human beings are restless and the only proper way is the scandinavian model of inclusion and healing, not punishment.

To prepare for Phase 3,  I had to ensure that my future self would have notes and support on my next trip here so that the salvation would be successful. Meaning establishing a connection once more. That’s where the story in the bible starts to make sense, once you see it through the perspective of the  light. A light that now has to predict and orchestrate the future according to the grand plan.

Let us start with the prediction.

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