Chapter II. – Ministry of Light

Chapter II. - Ministry of Light
Chapter II. - Ministry of Light
  • Using parables and metaphors to describe spaceships and order how the universe works.
  • Love does no harm. Therefore if you act out of love and have access to the chakra tools with in love – the 12 chakra system you can do wonderous things
  • Like walking on water, healing the sick, feeding the hungry and so on
  • You also will have access and see the larger plan of creation
  • You will know, that Incarnation is a real thing.

And you will know that one problem with incarnation is you will forget everything on your next trip. So I had to ensure my future self will have notes and support on his next trip here.
The most famose story never told. Love does no harm, therefore love is the fullfilment of the law. And because I was connected and acted out of love, with love and in the name of love I was able to do the miracles witnessed and described by my disciples.