Chapter III. – Predicting the future

Chapter III. – Predicting the future

Just as the universe has a life cycle, so does the construction of a human being. The mission at hand was to transport vital information over centuries, so that they would be available to us on our next trip.

Yes, Dan Brown was correct. You can do it via a bloodline. There are just a few problems with Dan’s theory.

First, let’s start with Mary Magdalene. She was an influential woman of wealth supporting the group. But we were all gay. Maybe that is why she felt comfortable amongst us as she was not an object of desire in a group of gay  men. Whatever the reasons, she was welcome in our company. But why was she the only one mentioned so specifically? If we were heterosexual wouldn’t more women have been mentioned? Of course they would.  At least one of the group would have fraternized with the other sex. At least there would be some significant incidents would there not? Sure they would. If Dan’s theory holds true, then why was Mary Magdalene the only one to make it? There were twelve healthy disciples, but not one of them made it like Mary Magdalene in Dan Brown’s book? Not one king? Not even a lesser title? None? Of course not, because Dan’s theory stumbles upon the second problem.

A bloodline would make more sense if it was a secret. All of the disciples were persecuted, were they not? Remember Peter had to denounce me three times. So if the bloodline theory holds true, wouldn’t it have been better for the disciples to silently disappear and pass the information from generation to generation in a secret society? Of course it would. But it didn’t, perhaps with one exception. The traitor whom I consulted for eight days. Three days before the last supper. As my partner’s gospel testifies.

Speaking. of disciples. A group of twelve healthy young men willing to leave their families and children to be tortured and killed in the name of Christ. But wait, why is there no mention of families or children? How come that not one of those twelve had any family, like Joseph of Arimathea? Because we were all gay.  And as such, we were free of these ties to proceed with the other option to transmit vital information over centuries. Religion. Preaching the word of Salvation and the arrival of our Father’s Kingdom through dedication and sacrifice.

And a sacrifice it was, that was necessary for the pillars of a religion to take roots. What kind of Creator did I serve, If I couldn’t win over death?

That’s where the prediction of the future turns into an orchestration of it.

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