Chapter III. – Predicting the future

Chapter III. - The blood line fallacy
Chapter III. - The bloodline fallacy

Chapter III. – Dan B

  • Being connected and having access to the 12 chakra system gives one the access to different tools. One of them is leaving your mortal shell and come back. Regeneration period requires obviously 3 days
  • At this stage of human evolution I had to use terms like God etc..
  • I knew I will reincarnate in the future. My goal was to leave my self notes that survive two millennials.  To do so, you do it like Dan Brown suggested through the bloodline or by means of religion.  Since we were all gay, the latter was the option. A plan had to be put in place to ensure the survival of a set of instructions that would guarantee the awakening of my future self in the future. 
  • That’s why there were no women in the company either. 

rowns Bloodline