Chapter IV. – Orchestrating the future

Chapter IV. – Orchestrating the future

What are our bodies, essentially giant meat and bone transformers that our souls are driving? Once you are connected you can leave your mortal shell and return to it. For that, however, you need a homing beacon. What you know is that it was a kiss that betrayed me. What you don’t know however is that it was a kiss that brought me back. And it shall be a kiss that will determine the fate of the human race.

Conquering death is a number that would have to consider a small obstacle: not to let the Romans break my legs. They had a nasty habit of breaking the legs of the crucified. Bones are difficult to repair because they are pretty solid if you don’t count the bone marrow.

Understand this, the whole universe is in motion. It takes a lot of energy to force the original energy of creation to slow down completely. When repairing eyes, healing the sick etc. you mostly work with the universal molecule water, since our bodies are made up of around 60 percent water, it is easy to modify – heal. In contrast, it would take a lot of energy to restore the bones. If the Romans broke my bones, it would take me more than three days to regenerate my mortal shell.

Once we humans have completed our research in the fields of particle physics in the large colliders, we will learn to harness their energy. It is much more effective to use these energies than to destroy them. And that’s basically an incarnation. Two different dimensions, same principle. You are not thrown into this universe. A part of our soul is enveloped, inserted and slowed down in this universe so that it can be synchronized with the speed of this universe and thus has mass. This happens for example at birth. When a man and woman make love. A door is opened at a deep biogenetic and energy level. The soul enters and, according to its coding, begins to grow muscles, eat, hear, touch and develop senses. To navigate through this universe of slowed energies, I needed a homing beacon, my beloved partner. That was the kiss that navigated me back.

So the choice of who would hand me over to the Pharisees was clear. Because he would have to take care of my body after the crucifixion. He would have to do it out of love for it to work. That’s why Judas was never a traitor. He was and is my partner. My twin flame.

A plan was conceived. The instruments were ready. Now the only thing that stood in the way of it was my popularity. In order to break it and at the same time strengthen the bond between us so that the homing beacon had full power, I did what was unthinkable at the time. I married the one I loved. With that, we gave the Pharisees what their jealousy was craving for. And we made them pay for the show. After all, the disciples can use the money for travel.

The stage was set. Let the deed begin for which I was crucified. Or from my point of view: The last test from the Phase 1 trials of the human experiment – the re-entry into an existing shell can begin…

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