Chapter IV. – Orchestrating the future?

Chapter IV. - Predicting the future by orchestrating it
Chapter IV. - Predicting the future by orchestrating it
  • Healing, walking on water or raising from the dead was not enough to ensure that the seed of Religion takes root. So I needed to win over death. Not a problem if you connected, there is just one tiny obstacle you have to watch for.
  • Not getting my legs broken by the romans. They had nasty habit of breaking the legs of those who got crucified. Bones are hard to repair. Like stones it has a lot of inert energy, unlike the body that consisting of cca. 60% water, stones and bones are energy with its momentum pulse in its final-stage. But Judas aither payed the guards or used a mentalist trick. Whatever my partner did, worked. I “just” ended with a spear in my rib cage.  
  • So this was my plan and I needed someone I utterly trusted to do what was necessary after the crucifixion. 
  • So I choose the one I love.  And so my  Twin Flame became the traitor a burden on a soul, Jesus wouldn’t wish upon noone.

I know the one, I have choosen.