Chapter IX. – Ascension. Phase 2 trials of the human experiment.

Chapter IX. – Ascension. Phase 2 trials of the human experiment.

Is there intelligent life out there? Of course there is. It’s just intelligent enough not to interfere with our evolutionary process.  Human beings that are not yet connected, enlightened if you will. We are being looked at, much like pets. You love them, you protect them, you step in when they fight. But you don’t discuss nuclear fusion with them. Because they simply would not understand the complexity nor would they without the connection have any idea of the bigger picture.

You don’t talk to viruses either. Right now, some of you are acting worse than a virus. Racism, homophobia and other nonsensical inhuman concepts of yours are incomprehensible to Heaven. Even the corona virus or the HIV virus, which is hiding in my lungs from medicine, does not make any distinction between skin colour, religion or race. Well don’t worry. Believe me, there have been and there are creations in the universe whose path to enlightenment was much more dramatic or smooth than ours. Anyway, despite the Cuban crisis, we managed not to blow ourselves up, which in some worlds could be seen as quite an achievement. But I hope our standards are higher.

You should understand that the human experiment is very valuable to the Universe and much effort has been put into the project of the Living Library on Earth.  Let me explain the Living Library: Scientists have found that one gram of DNA can potentially hold up to 455 exabytes of data. We are supercomputers, if you will, the most powerful generators of emotions in the galaxy. One word from you can give life to a distant, dying world. One word can destroy it. That’s how strong we are. And that is exactly the reason why only connected, enlightened humanity can leave this solar system.

And that’s exactly why I didn’t stay. Have you never wondered why I didn’t continue my work here on earth after I was resurrected? Now you know. Phase 2 trials of the human experiment on distant worlds had to continue. So I spent my days serving my Father until my time came. And the fact that I’m here with you again indicates that phase 2 was successful.

So believe me when I tell you. The galaxy and the universe are just waiting for humanity to wake up and begin to do their part in the universe. What happens now on earth will effect many, many worlds.

I pray for the success of phase 3 of the human experiment daily.
Or as you know it. Please, oh Heavenly Father – let us be worthy of Salvation …

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