Chapter V. – Last supper. First Christian gay marriage

Chapter V. – Last supper. First Christian gay marriage

To be called the Messiah threatened Rome’s authority. So my worries that Pontius Pilate would not play along were minor, given his volatile and harsh nature in dealing with those who disrupted the peace in the province. He just had no choice but to play along and sentence me to death. It was the High Priests and Pharisees who needed a really good reason. Two men married each other. That should do the trick.

That’s exactly what it was. Two thousand years have passed and nothing has really changed. Jealousy about the freedom I had. Draw those poor souls trapped in their own prisons of rules and believe systems to hate me. If you want to serve the creator you should strive for your individual freedom and well being first and then help others to achieve it. That’s basically the first two commandments in a nutshell.

I was preaching about individual freedoms and liberties. And the Pharisees and High Priests’ fear of losing their power over their followers  was one of many reasons why they hated me. But I served my Father, not them. Therefore marrying the one I loved was what my Father wanted.

Now the seat of highest honor on my left side at the Last Supper makes sense. At that time, the sharing of the meal was a sign of unity before God. Still a tradition at weddings today. So I dipped the bread and gave it to Judas, saying, “What you do, do it quickly,” before they find out that they have an important role to play on the show.

After the deed was done, we had to provide evidence of it. They weren’t exactly issuing wedding certificates back then. A kiss should do the trick.

And a kiss it was…

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