Chapter VI. – The kiss of destiny

Chapter VI. – The kiss of destiny

The betrayal through a physical contact of two men. An act that was forbidden in those times. An act that makes no sense the way it was told to you. But add a little pinch of love that was disguised, but not entirely washed away.  And look at the story through the contradictions in the Bible. Like a child spying through holes in a fence looking for the truth. And the truth will rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes of the past.

I identified myself to the guards. Judas kissed me afterward. There was no need for the kiss from a traitor. Only my partner, who was part of the plan, would have the courage to deliver me to the High Priests. No other would be free of the fears or guilt. Only he would act out of love and devotion to the mission. Only he had the right to kiss me.

And is it not written, “From those, you have given me. None I have lost”?  None I have lost. Would I have said it, if I lost the one I love – Judas? The one seated at the seat of highest honour? Of course not.

He kissed me, to deliver the evidence to the guards that I had married him. Giving the Pharisees the proof and reason to crucify me. That was not the kiss of a traitor, but the kiss of a partner. Might I suggest the repainting of some Frescas? Just to be historically accurate with the role my beloved played?  A kiss on the cheeks, would not do, you know?  A pretended kiss on the cheeks would just make the guards uncertain of Judas’s commitment to the High Priests.  Only a proper kiss of love made them arrest me and take me with Judas to the High Priests.

But you might ask: Why am I obsessed with that kiss so much? Simple. We. Me and my partner are like two particles in this blue and green planet’s collider. Ever since our incarnations we were gathering momentum, speed, experiences, power and energy in a form of feelings holding them back inside us for the opportune moment.  And just like in the large Hadron Collider in CERN, the magic happens when two particles touch each other. It is a touch of one of the most sensitive parts of our bodys. Lips. Kiss. That will be the greatest experiment of love.

But just like the crucifixion, this time a different stage and different scripts have to play out. Before the grand finale of the show, the human experiment starts. So that not only you, humans, can watch and hope, but also our whole friends and family of light in orbit.  Some history records have to be straightened out before we can proceed.

Therefore let me tell you how my partner became a traitor.
So that the traitor becomes my partner again.

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