Chapter VII. – The traitor is my partner

Chapter VII. - The Traitor
Chapter VII. - The Traitor
  • Only the traitor would have had the financial means, the freedom and protection of the pharisees guards to prepare my body for the 3 days regeneration period.
  • I figured if they gonna crucify me, they might as well pay for the damn thing and provide the 12 disciples with the funds necessary to travel away from Jerusalem and plant the seeds of my Religion around the world
  • Only the Traitor Judas could testify before the High Priest because I married the one I loved.
  • And only the traitor made promise to the High priest that he will testify of my sin of marrying him. 

So what happened? Council of Nicea. And all of a sudden Judas became the one I loved and the other disciple. Why?
Simple, gay messiah? That wouldn’t work for Contantin and his efforts to unify and save the city he loved under one religion. So the truth was hidden.