Chapter VII. – The traitor. My partner.

Chapter VII. – The traitor. My partner.

Judas had to testify before the High Priests.  He was the one, who was trying to bring Peter to the hearings in the temple, before Peter denounced me three times. Who else would try to bring Peter in, when all of the disciples were persecuted? Only the traitor had the trust and the protection of the Pharisees. And so with my partner’s performance before the High Priests, we gave them what they paid for.

It’s quite easy. Look at the Bible through the contradictions like “none I have lost”. And replace all mentions of “the other disciple”, “the one known to the High Priests”, “the one Jesus loved”, and you will wonder how come you didn’t see it before. Especially when it was right in front of your eyes the whole time. Marvel, for you can. Worry, you should not. It wasn’t yours to see. It was mine. Therefore believe me when I tell you. That I am He.

All right, so you are “He”!  What happened?

The great hoax of Nicea, that is what happened. Constantin, Emperor of Rome, in an attempt to preserve an empire torn apart by religious disputes, called the famous council of Nicea where he hoped the bishops would settle a theological dispute and stabilize the new fragile religion by uniting the quarreling factions.

As in every war, both in the real one or the theological one, when it comes to power, truth that can threaten that power gets eliminated or sacrificed. Just as the saying goes: “in war, truth is the first casualty“. So the truth about Judas’s role was disguised as a betrayal that makes no sense. The name Judas was replaced with “the one Jesus loved”, stories were added, words changed and certain Gospels were not taken into canon at all, to consolidate the power of those present. Why? Simple. A gay messiah? That just wouldn’t work. Two traitors were created that day. One in the eyes of believers. My partner. One in the eyes of heaven. Constantine for standing idle by. That’s why Constantine, a lifelong pagan, let himself be baptized on his deathbed.

If you betray heaven and that gives you victory, guilt starts to weigh your soul down. When you are about to leave this world you will start to feel the luminous ones touch – Lucifer’s touch. And it’s not a red nasty devil as you think of him. Lucifer is a function of heaven. Think of him as an antivirus software protecting the source from negative energy.

So Constantine let himself be baptized and he was praying. And his prayers were answered. Salvation was granted, under one condition: your mess, you should clean it up. His present day reincarnation, Pope Francis,  is already working hard on undoing what was done, so the prophecy of Saint Malachy* of Ireland fulfils itself.

* The prophecy of Saint Malachy of Ireland speaks of the last Pope. 

Now that I fulfilled my promise of washing my loved one’s name clean. Let me tell you what happened after my resurrection. Or as I perceive it. The final experiment from the Phase 1 trials of the Human experiment.

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