Chapter VIII. – Crucifixtion and Resurrection. Phase 1 trials of the human experiment.

Chapter VIII. – Crucifixtion and Resurrection. Phase 1 trials of the human experiment.

Creativity is one of the most precious gifts to the human race. Given enough spice of creation and time, it can lead to interesting stories. And interesting stories can lead to humorous contradictions.

For example: The same historians who claim that John was the beloved apostle also claim that all apostles were persecuted. How then  was John present at the crucifixion? He was not. It was Judas. Only the traitor would have the freedom of the Pharisees and the means to be present without fear and fulfil the role of my shell’s guardian. Remember?

On the Cross I gave Judas instructions to take care of my Mother if something should go wrong with the resurrection. The final experiment of phase 1 trials:  leaving and reentering an existing mortal shell.

After the crucifixion Judas, with the support of others, used the money from the High Priests to buy my body from Pontius Pilate, secured a burial tomb and bought oils and food. Then he oiled my body, wrapped it and kissed me. Oil is carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Exactly what I needed for regeneration without it evaporating like water.

And because love is measurable and real, the tracking device worked. I wasn’t in Hell for three days as some stories say. I was briefly for the duration of death until Judas kissed me in the grave, on the other side of the experiment, in what you would call Heaven, in the incarnation pavilion and the headquarters. Regeneration cannot happen if the driver of the meat-and-bone robot is not present in the robot himself – in his body, so to speak. Souls must be in the shell to initiate and carry out recovery.

What you already know is that it was a kiss that betrayed me. What you don’t know is that it was a kiss that brought me back. After seeing me inhale and exhale, he knew I had returned. He then oiled and wrapped my temple, (biblically speaking),  my body in cloth and sealed the tomb. Then he went on to the group as planned to report and he left me to the three-day regeneration phase. Phase 1 of the experiment was thus completed.

After the regeneration was complete, I opened my eyes, refreshed myself with the food he had left for me, and connected with our family of light and friends in orbit. I reported that phase 1 had been successfully completed and that phase 2 of the experiment, the test of the supercomputer – one of the most powerful emotional generators and its use on distant worlds, can begin.

After preparing a few more matters here, I was ready to leave.
What is Ascension for you was the beginning of phase 2 for me.

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