Chapter VIII. – Crucifixtion and Resurrection

Chapter VIII. - The Crucifixtion
Chapter VIII. - The Crucifixtion
  • Judas was present at the crucifixion, the other were persecuted. Peter had to denounce me 3 times remember. Only the traitor would have that freedom to be there.
  • After the crucifixion he bought my body from Pilate, secured a burial thumb.  Oiled my body (denced form of universal molecule water), wrapped it and KISSED ME. 
  • In order for a Soul to navigate through dense energies, what this universe is, you need a homing beacon. My twin flame was that beacon.
  • And after he, seen me breath in and breathe out. He knew I returned and he wrapped me in cloth, sealed the thumb and went to the rest of the group, leaving me to my 3 days regeneration period.