Chapter X. – Salvation. Phase 3. trials of the human experiment.

Chapter X. – Salvation. Phase 3. trials of the human experiment.

Everything is connected with everything. Except the human being, who’s been disconnected ever since it tasted the apple of knowledge.

Take for example mushrooms and trees in a forest, the Ecosystem with its flora and fauna on this beautiful blue planet we inherited to take care of,  not to destroy.  And just as everything in the universe is connected with everything, so does humanity need to reconnect with creation.

Final phase 3. Trials of the human experiment are our last chance to fall back into the grace of God. If we fail, then one of the possible futures, as described in the Wormwood* prophecy will be the fate of the human race and instead of joining our family of light we will join the graveyard of failed experiments just like the dinosaurs.

Scientists calculated that it would take 162 human beings in a Rocket plane to Mars to save the human race. You could take even 1000 and it wouldn’t matter. Because which souls incarnate into the children of those 1000 would depend on the grace of Heaven.  All the control over the human experiment is in the hands of the creator – our Father. 

Humanity is an experiment – just like almost everything in this universe. Such was the first construction of the Living Library on earth – the dinosaurs. But the dinosaur construction was unable to accommodate a soul with a higher purpose. Therefore the experiment was terminated. Our planet was cleared and it was humanity’s turn.

Every living being on this planet generates emotions, energies. Suffering on this planet creates a shield, a barrier, or quarantine. A ‘feeling of’ if you will. Homosexuality or queer souls were created specifically for this purpose in order to break through this barrier of worry and suffering. We queer souls are emotional. We are not burdened with the need to have children. The space in our DNA coding that would otherwise make us heterosexual has been replaced with other coding. Coding for more emotional performance so that this quarantine can be broken and the connection re-established. This is the mission my father sent us on.

And not just both of us. The whole team of Twelve incarnated alongside with a whole armada of lightworkers. That is how important the project of mankind is to Heaven. #NOW IS THE TIME to believe in salvation. Even if it is a dream, an event, a party for a day and night. Let it become a symbol, a little rebellion against the dark.

What do you have to lose? If nothing else, we gay guys can really throw a heavenly party. You can’t take that away from us! So let’s do it. Believe me, Pietrus is dying to give the best and most glorious party the world has ever seen.

So let’s clean up our beloved Green and Blue Planet, wake up and put our best foot forward so that we can welcome our Father with open arms and without shame!

* The Wormwood prophecy speaks, in short, about an Asteroid on its way to Earth. Same size and same purpose as it was with Dinosaurs.

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