I warned you at the beginning that it was going to be crazy. Now that you know the truth and know it’s the good-crazy, I ask you one last question:

 Is this the world our children should grow up in?

I am aware that it is a gay man who asks you about the future of the children. But you should know that I am overprotective with children. The reason is quite simple. Reincarnation is self-interest. That is why even gays or queer souls protect children. Oh how nice it would be to one day reincarnate into this world without homophobia, racism or parents who are slaves to fears or victims of overtime at work. But even these fears are trifles compared to the fate from the Wormwood prophecy.

We can only avoid dinosaur fate if we return to the grace of the Creator. If we fail to save the planet, unite humanity and reconnect with creation, the scenario from the novel and film Planet of the Apes becomes the new reality on earth. Where do you think the author of the book got the inspiration from? The monkey is the next construction in the series.

The only way to avoid this fate is to accept the following truth: The whole universe exists for the purpose of self-exploration, self-gratification and the self-expression of the Creator through you and other life essences. Every belief, every preacher, every dogma that cannot adapt or change to this truth endangers and blocks the natural evolution of humanity. Every system, every person, every act that does not promote globalization, sustainable economy, tidying up the planet and a humanity united in this truth is not worthy of salvation.

You can believe my words or not. Many will be quite angry with my Gospel. Believe me, I can understand. Two thousand years of lies, wars in my name. I have a couple of questions myself. And still, the only way is to have a reasonable discussion of how we want to advance as a human race and believe in humanity itself. We don’t have to agree. You don’t have to like me either, but can I ask you to do what your Jesus would do too? Forgive me and live your life calmly.

But if, like me, you are tired of seeing more and more homeless people on the streets, greedy entrepreneurs, rich evangelicals, conflict, destruction of our planet and incompetent leaders numbed by the demons of profit or power, join my movement for them, to save mankind. Because believe me when I tell you:

 #NOW IS THE TIME to put humanity back in the foreground of creation.

Even if it can cost me my life, I have long since made my choice.
And now it’s your turn …

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