The number one religion on earth. The most printed book. The most famous story. Countless alienists, psychiatrists, mentalists diving into the minds of mass murderers, thieves and master villains. Legions of detectives, inspectors, investigators. Not one. Not a single one questioned the motive behind the most famous betrayal in history?

Some say he did it for money. Sure… I had the power to change water to wine. I was feeding five thousand with fish and bread made out of thin air. I healed the sick. Do you honestly think money was a problem? 

But the question everyone should be asking is this: Why the kiss?

On a human,  emotional level, would you have the courage to look me in the eyes, much more to kiss me and send me to my death when you witnessed all the miracles at my side?

Better yet, would you betray me, knowing that it would be your ticket to hell? Do you honestly think the one I love was so stupid? Of course he was not. So why the kiss?

Especially when there was no need for it. I said to the Pharisee’s guards, I am the one you seek, let the others go, to fulfil the scripture: “From those you have given me, none I have lost!”. He kissed me afterwards.  So again, my question:  Why the kiss?

A kiss. Physical contact as a form of greeting,  forbidden  in public amongst the orthodox Jews even today.  Save between a married couple. So my question still stands.  Why the betrayal through the kiss?

I will tell you why.  Because it was not a kiss of a traitor, but a kiss of a married partner.

This is the story of the one I was two thousand years ago, Jesus of Nazareth. And my partner. My twin flame who was known as Judas Iscariot. 

This story is to fulfil my promise of return and to renew my place in heaven.  For love is not given, it is earned! I made him a traitor and it is my job to wash my loved one’s name clean.

Let us start at the beginning…

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