God, source splits and why he loves us.

Separation Principle

He is everywhere, in all the things, all the time. All-powerful. And yet. What is the one thing he can not do? And the one thing he does not know from this perspective?

Well, the first thing is: He can’t get lost.  He is there when you are jerking off. He is there when you are dying. He is there when you fart and think no one is going to smell that. He is there when a woman is being raped. He is there when a woman gets an orgasm and screams: “Ohhh my God!”. 

Now how does that make you feel?  Awkward. Why? You don’t feel that way with Alexa or your computer in your room, do you? Correct. God is not an old man controlling you. I would be lying if I told you what God is. I did feel his touch at an Ayahuasca ceremony. It or he did not make me feel inferior, although I felt how incredibly huge and powerful that entity is. He made me feel a part of him. Look at it this way. Look at your finger and imagine you are looking at one of your blood cells. I love my blood cells. Every one of them. And now, imagine you are the blood cell. Try to describe the whole person. It’s impossible for the blood cell to describe the whole person, right? Therefore I won’t. And yet I believe there is something. He or she or it, is a scientist. Think of him more like an artificial powerful, and huge intelligent entity exploring emotions. How? That is where the second thing comes in.

The second thing he doesn’t know is how Individuality feels like. Imagine the original soul Yahue to be an endless ocean of energy. Exploring himself through exertions of life. Only through me and you he can know what individuality feels like. And here comes the split of the soul. Much like the cells that multiply inside an egg of a woman after impregnation. That’s how the second split Christus, Human designation Yeshua Nazaret came into being, and others on the other side. Thirds split, fourth…remember at the beginning, there were fewer humans. Now they are over 5 billion human beings. That’s how he explores. And to make it safe, all souls land safely on the other side at the end of the experiment. But eternity can be quite long, so check out my proposal for the decontamination spa rather than the bible hell. You might like it better than the bible hell 😉

Here is the bottom line:  Without us, He would not know what individuality feels like. To me, God is a powerful intelligence. A scientist and explorer promoting individual freedom and liberty. Inclusionist of diversity. Integrator and adventurer. He was never a conservative. Heck! I was crucified because the high priests saw how I was liberating people. I was and am a progressive liberal social democrat! – Jesus


Please don’t forget. This is my belief. A theory of mine based on the power of emotions, my visions, observations, and my deduction from the notes my disciples and I left two thousand years ago that I will try to prove with my man through the kiss of destiny on salvation. Tune into my podcast and join the conversation if you have any questions.