My thank you and praise

My thank you and praise

to both of my fathers, for always answering my calls when I need them, as well 
as my whole earthly family and especially my younger brother who played the most important part in my second coming.

to the reincarnation of Maria Magdalene, who helped me with this gospel and stands by me as the very first female follower.

to Dr. Bart D. Ehrman of The Department of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,  United States,  without whose interpretation of historical evidence, based on science, I would be led astray by theology,  conspiracy theories, or amusing novels.

to all those who were a lesson to me or support. Both knowingly or not.
May you be forgiven or rewarded according to your deeds.
I leave that to lady karma who’s always at my side.

And now, let the adventure of reclaiming my humanity begins …

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