God is a system
Final Testament

Evolutionism and creationism are in accord

 “If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains. However improbable must be the truth.” – Spok All right. Let’s take the “Imposible human race” out of the equation from creation on this planet. Without human beings […]

Separation Principle
Final Testament

God, source splits and why he loves us.

He is everywhere, in all the things, all the time. All-powerful. And yet. What is the one thing he can not do? And the one thing he does not know from this perspective? Well, the […]

Incarnation is a thing. Imagine that
Final Testament

Virgin birth BS. vs Reincarnation

You know, I always found the naivety story. Or as you know it. The nativity story. To be the most amusing part of the bible. See, anybody who believes in the virgin birth has to […]

Volatility Of the Queer Soul
Final Testament

The potential and purpose of a queer soul

Just because someone doesn’t understand the purpose of queer souls doesn’t make it against god. Quite the contrary. In India, queer people are viewed as holy. Homosexuality wasn’t a problem in the Roman empire either. […]

Final Testament

Biblical hell vs decontamination spa

Funny. When I turn the pages in this wonderful book of satire and parody. The Bible. Almost every other page is wailing and gnashing of teeth. And there will be much wailing and gnashing of […]