Images and Videos Credits:
I have used and googled for images and videos with the label “Creative Commons licenses”. If the mighty Google algorithm failed or misled me in my quest to find royalty-free images and videos, please do not hesitate to email me at with the link to your original artwork and your name. Thank you!

Photocredits of my human form now goes to:

Translation Credits:

  • Felix for the translation into Spanish.
  • Reincarnation of Marie Magdalen for helping me with German.
  • My old friend Rene. My childhood friend Igi. My great friend from university times lady Dasa. All three for the Slovak proofreading.
  • Andy for giving the Gospel the proper British English, which I occasionally buggered with my New York English.

Translation Credits: 
Some royalty images are licensed and purchased on, where my thanks go for being reasonably priced and not getting greedy as the others, which I was using before the greed got the better of them. 

Texts and Content:
Dr. Bart D. Ehrman of The Department of Religious Studies, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,  United States, thanks to his research and incredible youtube seminars, I was able to fill in some voids in my version of the past as I see and feel it.