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We are all familiar with many books in the Bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. But did you know there are additional books that have been excluded? There is a reason why the Church did not allow the gnostic gospels of Judas and Mary Magdalen into the Bible. Because if they did, you would know the truth. And the truth is. Two thousand years ago, I was crucified because I married a man: Judas Iscariot. That is why he was seated at the side of the highest honor where I shared a meal with my loved one, as it is a tradition at weddings even today, a sign of unity before God. Now the betrayal through the kiss makes sense. Jewish, which I was. Even Rabbis can not make physical contact in public as a greeting. Even

 married couples could not. To break my popularity, deliver the proof before the Pharisee’s guards and the high priests, and open the way for the crucifixion; my man, Judas, followed the plan from the beginning. Because I trusted nobody but the one, I loved to do what was necessary with my temple, my mortal shell after the crucifixion. It’s straightforward. Replace in the Bible the “One Jesus Loved, The other disciple.” with Judas, and you will find my man, testifying before the high priests, dragging Peter inside where he denounced me three times. You will see my man at the crucifixion because only the traitor would have the protection of the Pharisees and the money from the betrayal to prepare my body for the three-day regeneration period. Any other version of events and you stumble upon the lies in the Bible, known as my contradictions. Like John 13:27 Then, Jesus said to Judas, “What you are about to do, do quickly.” 28, But no one at the meal understood why Jesus said this to him. Judas did. John 13:18 I am not speaking of all of you; I know whom I have chosen. But the Scripture will be fulfilled, ‘He who ate my bread has lifted his heel against me.’ That’s why he didn’t kill himself, but wrote a Gospel that the Church could not have inside the Bible. 

My version of events is contradiction-free because it’s the truth. The last supper was the first gay marriage! That is the truth they don’t want you to know. Three hundred years after the crucifixion, a city torn by civil and theological war threatened to tear the Roman empire apart. Constantine, Emperor of Rome, called the famous Council of Nicea, where the bible hoax, or as you know it, the Bible, was crafted by power-hungry Bishops. And where the ultimate betrayal happened. They took my humanity and my homosexuality from me. And out of the son of man, became the son of God. Which I never claimed to be. Judas became the “other disciple, the one Jesus loved,” and the old testament was left inside as a weapon against highly creative souls – homosexuals. Mary Magdalene was made a prostitute so that free-thinking women could be controlled by a system I would never wish for. They sacrificed the truth, fabricated facts, and spiced the story with nonsense like the virgin birth. They expelled and locked the other gospels that would tell you the truth. That’s why this is:


Bible Victims

This is the one conspiracy theory that is actually true. You can read what really happened two thousand years ago and what needs to happen for the human race to survive in my Gospel of JJ:

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If you are an Atheist, in 1 hour of reading time, you will get the most potent arguments and have a lot of fun with the bible victims, and at the same time, you will help me liberate them from their misery. That’s all that there is. That’s what they are trying to sell you. And the more desperate they are, the more aggressive and offended they get. That is the proof of the rotten fruits they are trying to sell you. So please don’t buy it! Show them how rotten their fruit is. Here is one example:

You Go To Hell Judas
Remember. Judas killed himself in the Bible. Strange if there is a gospel of Judas. Carbon dated and validated. No surprise, it was rejected by the Church. And here is the beauty of it. Caught and cornered in their lies. By saying Judas committed suicide, it means he committed the ultimate sin and went to hell. I knew he would go to hell if I could foretell the future, right? No! Screams a bible victim holding himself to the Jesus they think is a free pass from hell. If you press them, you will end up with the label BLASPHEMER. Wear it proud! I was called blasphemer every 5 minutes two thousand years ago. Just watch any movie about Jesus. And then they will threaten you with their hell. It is like watching little children having hilarious tantrums. It’s fun sometimes. Enjoy yourselves. 

If you are a true Christian, you will see the truth. If you are a Christian and you feel offended. I understand. How do you think I feel? Two thousand years of crusades, bloodsheds. Burning of freethinking women, torturing scientists like Galileo, holding human progress at bay. Do you feel offended? You should be. Hell, I AM PISSED! Like it’s my fault you have been lied to all this time. You should be thankful I am liberating you from the manipulative and dangerous belief system that was never mine. Nonetheless, I know it takes some time until the truth settles down. Might I suggest you do what your Jesus would do? Forgive me and move on with your life. If you can not. Do not call yourself a Christian! – Jesus