We all have opinions, beliefs, or positions on topics and issues. And that is good so! 
What is not good is wrong, incorrect arguing, and then hiding behind a wall of “I am offended!”. 

I look forward to a discussion. I cherish and value any dialogue with you, provided there is a solid argument and premise.

Comments on the published content are expressly desired. Non-topic contributions or statements are not. I ask you to use links sparingly. Links to profiles or websites without their explanatory contribution or with a simple reference character are not permitted in the interest of dialogue, regardless of the topic. Floods of comments or repetitions of the same content in different posts are annoying and are treated as spam, i.e., deleted.

I prefer consideration and respect. But I don’t mind colorful metaphors; as long as there is an argument inside your comment, I can work with that.

I do not prefer people who get offended easily. Or hide invalid arguments behind a cloak of hypersensitivity. I am offended by hypersensitivity or ignorance. Not by colorful metaphors.

As everywhere, respectful cooperation is the basis for constructive dialogue. I, therefore, ask you to refrain from contributions glorifying violence, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, sexism, inhuman, or anti-democratic have no place in my mind.

I reserve myself the right to delete statements and contributions that violate applicable law or this netiquette. In particular such content that violates personal rights, rights of third parties, or copyrights, as well as spam and advertising, are removed without exception.

Please don’t forget: this is where people communicate: my website and social media channels. People with a wide variety of backgrounds and opinions communicate with one another. Treat your counterpart as you would like to be treated yourself. Please keep in mind: Sarcasm and irony can quickly lead to misunderstandings in virtual conversations. Please also note that everything you publish on my social media page is linked to your profiles as the sender and is publicly visible. I am happy to receive questions about netiquette via the email netiquette@sonofman.online.

Thank you, and I look forward to a good discussion! – Jesus