By sending funds over PayPal you are supporting my ministry. A startup non-profit, with the following core issues that my ministry wants to tackle in the beginning: 

  • Preserving and cleaning our habitat by supporting green projects and research of innovative technologies so we can clean up the planet and live sustainably in harmony with nature. 
  • Projects of direct and immediate rescue, protection, and support of queer souls around the globe.
  • Development of a vaccine against stigma, homophobia, racism, antisemitism, and other similar social illnesses. 
  • Development of a cure to counterattack hates speeches, hoaxes, and monitoring the digital space for such occurrences to prevent a tsunami of ill-informed humans storming parliaments or congresses.
  • Projects aimed at screwing the political correctness right up her ally! By promoting emotional correctness, in colorful discussions but demanding proper argumentation and syllogism.
  • Humanomics – Economy for the future. Facilitate a transition of the current economic system of profit to an economy where the human comes before profit.
  • Education – Reforming the educational system from the industrial age that outserved its purpose into a system that recognizes the gifts given to each child by our Father at an early stage and supports and nourishes this gift rather than kills it because some industry doesn’t need a singer.
  • Politics – Through the power of you – my followers and by the power of light that has been given to me. There’s only one religion that matters now. And that’s HUMANITY. I shall do the most to stop and prevent conflicts by preaching this truth: “Our Father kingdom is for our doorsteps. Let’s clean this place up and put our best foot forward!”
  • Hunger, Poverty, and Social equality. These are leading to suffering. Suffering leads to conflicts. Conflicts lead to death and that is something I cant see.

All funding flowing through PayPal will be as usual for non-profits transparently declared. 

As long as time will permit and the press gives me room to breathe, I will post milestones and updates of every step taken to get the ministry started and actionable asap.  

When paypaling, you can let me know what issues are dear to your heart!

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Thank you for your trust and support.
May light guide your steps.