Human beings come from various destinations with various backgrounds and education. We as a society and humanity acknowledged the need to protect human life and health by putting universal warning labels on all sorts of things.  

We put warning labels on drugs. We have them on cigarettes. For heaven’s sake. We even have warning labels on toothbrushes these days. So why don’t we have a warning label on an item that has historically proven to cause so much death and is still wreaking havoc now?

It is time to treat thoughts with the same respect as we treat dangerous chemicals or tobacco products. Especially thoughts of religious nature and beliefs because they, most of the time, contradict science and lead people to unhealthy decisions that can potentially cause death and suffering.

Example Warning Label

Please join my effort to boost awareness that religious systems, which these books represent, can be as any system dangerous or beneficial.  If you need more proof that now is the time for such labels, just ask the brave healthcare professionals about the confessions of the anti-vaxxers claiming Jesus will save them, before they died of covid.  

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