My  threefold Salvation offer
“Another day, another battle.” Well, f**k that s**t! Life should not be a battle! Period! – Jesus

Do not even think of subscribing to that philosophy! There is another way. There always was.

Life should not be economic slavery–where you get to enjoy life after your 60th birthday when you can barely walk! You should not be denied healthcare.  We either have a god damn healthcare, or we have lungs care, legs care. What is this nonsense? You should not have fear passing your mailbox on account of what kind of bill there is again, although you bought nothing. You should not be mobbed at work because some incompetent desperate business predator tries to save on payroll and benefits you well deserve in this wretched world. 

On the other hand, you should not pay taxes to support that circus in congresses or parliaments just because the education system produces voters who are not capable of critical thinking and are deceptive to misinformation from antisocial media. You should not see your mother, who spent her life working as a nurse, having a cricket back and a pension hardly worth mentioning. Meanwhile, someone kicking a pigskin or sitting in a leather chair pushing millions of dollars on speculative markets has three yachts while at the same time, there is hunger on this planet. Do you call that system fair and just? I call it BS!

YOU DONT WANT TO FEEL HELPLESS watching other human beings being butchered by dictators under a cloud of disinformation. While, at the same time, an organization founded to protect peace is incompetent while a nuclear winter is almost upon us? Need I go on? Do you feel the same way?

Then #NOWISTHETIME for you to choose! Unlike the Church or the bible victims, I don’t offer you just Salvation on the other side. My man and I are family members of light, a particular branch of the renegades. We are system busters and upgraders. Because to us, ALL LIFE MATTERS! And life is at the center of all my thoughts and teachings. 

I reincarnated into socialism, which transitioned into a young democracy. I know the struggles of corruption and transition. Then, I lived in hardcore capitalism until I finally landed in social democracy – Berlin, Germany. My whole life’s journey, I have been immersed in various systems to use my superpower—analytics through feeling. My power is to analyze patterns and systems in which a human exists. And take the best out of them for the human being and, at the same time, for creation.  

So here is my offer of three-fold salvation:

Salvation from hell. We all create our realities in this world and the other. Suppose you don’t want to spend your eternity in the Bible hell. Simply check out my proposal for the decontamination spa, and that will take your fear and change the reality of your afterlife.

Salvation from the destruction of the human race through conflicts and an inevitable nuclear winter. By reforming and upgrading the political and educational system on earth. Giving the United Nations the power it requires to stop, prevent and intervene not on behalf of states or countries. But finally, on behalf of HUMANITY! Let’s end the anarchy of states and countries. And let’s establish humanity, not power, not profit, but humanity as the dogma and religion once and for all!

Salvation from an asteroid on its way to us. All creation depends on the connection I had two thousand years ago. Why do you think I did not stay after my resurrection? Why do you think I preached “Thy Kingdom come,” and not, “Let me be worthy, to enter your kingdom,” like the Church’s philosophy that, again, is all BS. If a human being ever wants to travel the stars, that connection has to be established again, and you have to start behaving like ordinary citizens of this universe. You didn’t seriously think you would be allowed to leave the solar system with your racism and homophobia? Please, get real for a moment. You are behaving worse than the virus plaguing us, while the Russian bear is being cornered and increasingly unstable while holding power over nuclear weapons. 

That is my offer. I know it sounds crazy. Humans work together instead of killing each other. Planet cherished, not ravaged. Yeah. What kind of crazy person would want to make those goals his agenda?

I DO! 

And I’d like to know if there are other planet-saving, humanity rebalancing, economy, political and educational system reforming crazies like me?

If you think you are one of those.

then I’d like to: 

THANK YOU! – Jesus