you to those who did not insult their intelligence by calling me crazy before they considered all the evidence on my website for my case of being Jesus reborne. 

Thank you to those who already did so. Crazy right? 😉 I know. That’s pretty obvious. I am giving up a life of sex, drugs, and techno music in the world’s most liberal social and greenest city.  Berlin. The gay capital of Europe. And I am risking it all to save the planet and you. Now, if that is not Jesus like, you tell me what is. Making banners “God hates” or selling misery disguised as salvation? That’s not my church, not my job.

Thank you for humoring me for a little while longer by entertaining the idea that I am Jesus returned. So how do I want to save the planet and humanity? Simple. By looking at the end effects of what has worked for humanity so far. Cooperation, social democracy, science, sanity, and the belief in humanity. Not some supernatural imaginary deities or superstitions. That’s why I call my beliefs theories that I am putting them on the table as an offer. My vision and proposals are an invitation to discussion, along with my fight against those who stole my humanity from me! 

Thank you to those who sent some coffee my way or those who PayPal’ed some coin so I can upgrade my technology and produce more content, more effectively.
Thank you to those who armed themself with some merchandise full of sharp arguments against the Bible BS. For more critical thinking and science.
Thank you to those who support my efforts against hoaxes and disinformation by signing the petition on or to all of you who simply share any content or spread the news that I am back. 

It feels good not to be alone in this fight for science, sanity, and my humanity. I will fight for humanity till the end of my days. Let’s hope that the end of days does not happen before that. – Jesus

If you landed on this page. You most likely donated to my cause: bringing humanity back to the forefront of creation.  If not, please feel free to browse my website, and if you find it worthy, I will be glad if you consider one of the following options:

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As one follower from the Disciples Coffee Club wrote it:
“Was about time you got back Jesus! Now drink up, buckle up, and start fixing this place!”.
I rolled my sleeves up. Finished my coffee and said:
“Not me, buddy. WE TOGETHER!”

Thank you. – Jesus