Now I am JJ

My arrival was carefully prepared through countless missions of agents of light. Heaven recognizes all of them especially angels like Stephen Fry or Sir. Ian Mc Kellen and other brave Angels to whom I am eternally grateful for their fight for gay rights and acceptance against a church and dogma that was never mine, but could be again. 

As I foretold. Watch for my arrival, for I will arrive like a thief in the shadows. Noone but the one I love will know. And only my father will know the time when I and a whole team of 12 and more will be sent back. Planed and orchestrated by heaven itself, I incarnated – was born in a country where two crosses melt together on three hills. Slovakia. 

Slovak RepublicRoznava - RosenauIn a town of three roses, during the time of Communism so that my work – analyzes systems that a human being developed for himself by traveling and living in different places on the planet and study these systems through feelings and observation of the human being.

Born in a hospital that was a church before, right under a cross at approx. at 7 am on 28.July 1980.  Being blood type 0+ I and a double Leo as predicted. I studied at the same university as my earthly father but never exercised my master’s degree in civil engineering – traffic planning, for my true job, where my heart lies has to start now. 

 And because DNA coding and how we look is also, but not only, determined by heaven. I carry the birthmarks of the nails on my forehands and on my ribs side where the spear went through. But that’s enough about me. I’d much rather prove to you who I am by my work. Provided you give me the opportunity to start my Ministry of light.

However, if you want to know more about JJ the man, there are some more pictures and exclusive posts from my private life on  To see them means to be friends. And good friends invite each other for a coffee, do they not? You supply the coffee, which I use to stay focused on my work. And the pictures shall be the cake. So to speak.

My followers and members on BuyMeSomeCoffe have access to exclusive content and other perks. And let’s face it. Coffee is needed, there is a lot of work ahead of me. God bless you for every cup you send my way. 

Yours truly *jj.